Projects 11718

Cause: cancer

The PRC2 complex is a therapeutic target for a number of cancers, currently undergoing clinical trials. It minimally consists of three proteins: EZH2, EED, and SUZ12. Its activity is regulated by a positive feedback loop, where the EED component reads already existing epigenetic marks and activates the EZH2 component to deposit more of them. Projects 11718-20 are looking at the dynamics of the three individual components of the complex (11718 - EED). We are studying the allosteric mechanisms that control the functions of this molecular machine, as well as the potential for disrupting these mechanisms for the design of the next generation of inhibitors.

List of Contributors

This project is managed by Rafal Wiewiora at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


Graduate Student at Chodera Lab, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

Interested in studying conformational dynamics of proteins using Molecular Dynamics and experimental methods, to make rational drug design better, cheaper and faster. Working with histone methyltransferases - a family of epigenetic regulators implicated in many cancers, aging and drug addiction.

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