Projects 14055-14056,14122-14123,14132-14136,14159-14162

Cause: cancer

This project studies how cells recognize and react to external chemical signals. We are interested in the events that occur just after a chemical signal interacts with the outside of a cell and the cell must begin coordinating a response. These early events dictate the final cell response, which ranges from causing cell death to telling the cell grow and divide. This regulation is key to prevent unhealthy cells from dividing and disfunction can lead to cancer and other disorders. Our research focuses on understanding the interactions that occur in these early events that influence the final cell response.

List of Contributors

This project is managed by Prof. Michael Shirts at University of Colorado Boulder.

In the Shirts group, we design and characterize new materials at the nanoscale through the use of  theory and computation. Our focuses include drug design through prediction of physical properties and binding affinities and the design of novel biomimetic materials. We are especially interested in the development of computational tools that can fundamentally change molecular design by making searches through chemical and configurations space much more predictive, reliable and efficient.


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