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This project studies the R241P mutant of Tem-1 β-Lactmase

β-Lactmases are enzymes which break down penicillin-like antibiotics. This is the most common method by which bacteria become resistant to such antibiotics. This project is simulating the most probable common ancestor (dating back to around 2 billion years ago) of modern day Gram Negative beta-lactamases. We hope to understand the funtional significance of various cryptic pockets found in these enzymes by comparing these results to simulations of modern beta-lactamases. Finding such functional pockets could enable us to target these enzymes with drugs that might combat this form of antibiotic resistance.

List of Contributors

This project is managed by Sukrit Singh at Washington University in St. Louis.

Sukrit Singh is a Biophysics PhD student in Greg Bowman's lab at Washington University in St. Louis.

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